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Why Sincelejo? Project Specifics?

Sincelejo_mapSincilejo, inland from the Caribbean coast and 2 hours from Cartagena by bus, is a common refuge for displaced highland people fleeing the violence.  70% of the peopleEdgar_i in this city are displaced and living below the poverty line. Most live in shantytowns of makeshift huts constructed of recycled garbage.  Disease is rampant due to the lack of basic sewer systems and basic hygiene.  It’s a steaming hot dusty place carved out of the middle of a tropical forest, where only the city center has any evidence of a permanent structure. 

My goal is to build 25 permanent houses and a counseling center for victims of the violence. This will take as many as 100 displaced Colombians off the street for the rest of their lives and keep an untold Img_0891number of kids out of a life sexual exploitation.  The houses will be 2-bedroom one-bath concrete units complete with a kitchen, running water, electricity, flushing toilets connected to central sewer lines, proper windows, and metal roofs.  They will be simple yet functional, constructed to last a lifetime.  While modest to you and me, this house will be a veritable mansion in the eyes of a kid used to sleeping in a hut made of flattened tin cans.


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