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Why Habitat for Humanity?

Intuit_h4h_1I’ve been a 10-year volunteer for Habitat for Humanity along with other Intuit employees in my hometown of San Francisco and have seen the great work this organization does.  Habitat’s mission is to build simple affordable housing and give ownership to those who lack adequate shelter. Since its founding in 1976 Habitat has built more than 200,000 houses in over 100 countries providing shelter for more than 1 million people by working locally in communities to select homeowners, organize volunteers, and coordinate construction. Homeowners are chosen based on their need for housing and their ability to both invest sweat-equity and repay a greatly reduced mortgage.

However it was while in Afghanistan in July 2004 as a human rights observer when I was reminded byKhodads_house_1 an impromptu experience that putting a roof over someone’s head, giving them an Dsc00225education, and caring for their health, is the way to fundamentally improve someone’s life. I found that for the relatively small sum of $300 I could take the UN cook, his wife, and 5 children off the streets of Kabul and put them into their own home. (photo). Now I’m excited about doing the same thing on a much larger scale.


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Saw your listing on Craigslist - wow - this is awesome - what a great opportunity from your company as well! Looking forward to reading your updates -

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