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Life in Bogota

Today is Sunday when seemingly all of Colombia stops what they're doing to take the day off to spend it with their families.  They have a strong family bond and loyalty here which I find admirable, something I'd like to take back to the states with me when I'm done.

Dsc01355_1Bogota is at almost 10,000 feet so although it's on the equator it's surprisingly quite cold.  The surrounding mountains receive snow and the climate in the city is cold and rainy.  Your can see your breath while you're reading in the newspapaer about the 100 degree temperatures 50 miles away.  Kind of like summer in San Francisco...  I spent the morning working on the project but my little studio "apartasuite" has no heat so I adapt by toasting my rear end over the oven while I work.  That's just a little context for you as you read my blog...


I spent the afternoon sightseeing in Bogota, which has experienced a revivalDsc01363 since I was last here in 2002.  The old historic quarter downtown, called the Candelaria, is much improved.  Shops and restaurants are returning and it feels much safer to walk around.  As further evidence there are fewer traces of military presence...except for these guys who let me buy them a coffee as they stood guard in the central square, the Plaza de Bolivar.  Dsc01377_1For you hearty travelers I highly recommend Bogota as a destination.  It gets much undeserved bad press but I believe that will change in the coming years.  The government has made it a priority to stabilize the cities and keep the war in the jungles and mountains.  So come now when you'll be the only foreigner in town!  Bogota is actually much like San Francisco: it has a cool climate which therefore puts an emphasis on cultural pursuits.  There is live theatre nightly, over 50 museums, and seemingly a university on every corner. 

Dsc01357And for you Gabriel Garcia Marquez fans you'll love to sit in the Cafe Pasaje where heDsc01358_1 was rumored to have written much of "Love in the Time of Cholera" while sipping on wonderful Colombian coffee.  Those of you who know me well know that I rarely drink coffee, but how could I not in the place where Marquez once sat?

I'll put some more pics of Bogota up in an album later...



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