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Welcoming the families

Dsc01474For those of you not familiar with Habitat for Humanity its defining difference is that, unlike most other charitable foundations, we require the families to invest many hours of "sweat equity" at the site in exchange for giving them an extremely reduced mortgage on their house.  This way the people have both a physical and financial connection with their property and an increased sense of pride in ownership.  Yesterday I met with the first group of families who will begin working at the site this week.  The men will be digging ditches and carrying rocks; the women will be preparing the building materials; and the children will be clearing trash and running small errands.  Those with more construction experience will be on the primary project team.  And since it's a hot dusty tropical 100 degrees with nearly 100% humidity this is truly sweat equity!

In the morning I gave an introductory speech welcoming them and telling them about all of you in America and all over the world who care about their plight in life and are supporting them with your donations.  I wish you could interact with them the way I do so you can feel how thankful they are.  I put a quick snippet of the speech here so you can see their faces.  The poor quality of the audio is on par with my Spanish but you can see the appreciation in their smiles.  Please please please know that you're doing great work by helping in whichever way you choose!


Click here to see more pics of the worksite and with the families in barrio Alto Rosario

Click here to see a streaming video of my welcome speech to the families


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