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New Goal!

Dsc01570 Or as they say down here during the non-stop World Cup madness: Gooooooaaaaalllll... 

Just as I had reached my emotional limit of sending homeless people away by saying, "I'm sorry we've already chosen the 25 families for these houses and you weren't among them", your generous donations topped the $100,000 mark!  In addition the US$ has really taken off against the Colombian peso, increasing by more than 12% since I arrived 2 months ago, such that the total cost per house has dropped to less than $4,000!  So I can't help but conclude that building only 25 houses would be underachieving given the vast support I have behind me, and therefore today I'm announcing the plans to build "Subdivsion II"

I've raised the fundraising goal to $150,000 in order to build a total of 35 houses, which in total will take approximately 200 homeless victims of  violence off the streets of Colombia.  We're nearly complete with the negotiations to purchase the land next to the current worksite and will begin breaking ground ASAP!  Umberto (architect and project manager) will be managing the expansion of the existing construction while I'm in San Francisco the next couple of weeks initiating a nationwide PR campaign to bring more publicity to this project and Habitat for Humanity.

I'm very excited about this expanded opportunity enabled by your generosity.  Please pass the word and know that your support is changing lives...



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nice. real nice. i was just going through this site and it occured to me that you've become somewhat like the crackwhore of housebuilding.

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