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The Great San Francisco Shoe Drive

Dsc01881 I've been back in San Francisco for 2 weeks pounding the pavement and knocking on doors to get my project onto television and into newspapers with mixed results.  This whole PR campaign stuff is new to me so what I've learned is that without live high quality video it's a tough story to sell because they're certainly not going to send anyone to Colombia to take footage anytime soon...  So we're making the best progress with newspaper and other print outlets.  If you know of anyone in this industry who might be able to spread the word please send them my way!

As for the shoe drive, all is going well thanks to Peter and the rest of my friends in San Francisco.  A recent drop-off-your-shoes-while-we-play-volleyball event put us over the 30 pairs I need to ensure everyone at the worksite has at least one pair.  And I'll be stuffing them into one very large duffle bag for my next return flight to Sincelejo so the shipping is now a non-issue.  All I need to do now is convince the workers to actually *wear* them instead of selling them...



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What's up man. Is this site active or are you already onto another project. From your Christmas card you've been there and are back at least one. Update me


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