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We're past the 3-month mark and going strong!

Dsc01892 I feel like we're cornering the market on cement in Sincelejo.  Whenever I call forDsc01894 another order the guy says, "Davíd, como has estado?" (How have you been?) before I even get through my first sentence.  I guess I'm the only gringo in town ordering cement.  I'm also the only guy who thinks it's cool when the cement is delivered on a horse-drawn cart. Anyway we're pouring a TON of it now that we're laying all the floors in the first 24 houses.  Between this and the central sewer, the government inspectors were impressed with what we're doing to combat disease.  We've also completed the roofs on most of them so this little city is coming together well.  This week, along with installing the roofs, we're running all the electrical lines and installing meters.  Next we'll be installing the sinks, toilet, and showers before the owners start moving in and doing the clean-up and painting next week.

Dsc01908 The families have also been coming through and giving some personal touches.  Dsc01918_1 Here Isabel is designing in her head how this front room will suit her and her 2 boys.  What's most amazing is to watch a family of 5 walk through an 650 sq foot house and say, "Wow it's so big!" or "How will we ever fill this with furniture?" They must have lived in my San Francisco apartment in a past life...  It's also fun to watch little kids see an inside toilet or shower for the first time and then excitedly ask when they get to move in. My mother should have been so lucky to have me be excited to take a bath.  In fact my coworkers now would feel lucky if I took a bath.  Nonetheless this excitement on these kids faces are what I'll strive to remember when I'm taking things for granted back home.

Dsc01916 I'm squatting after-hours in a government building using their broadband.  No one Dsc01911 thinks to ask the only gringo they've ever seen if he's supposed to be in the building so I pretty much come and go as I please.  Being a gringo sometimes gets me mugged but it also provides me with reliable internet access, which is a price I'm willing to pay in this ever-connected world.  I'll post some more pics and give an update on the Great Shoe Drive later this week when I have more time...



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