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Week 17: Incredible Progress!

Dsc02046 Dsc02044This week saw many exciting events: the arrival of the toilets, the connection of central gas, and the completion of the last set of roofs.  The electrical wiring continues as the final step before the first families begin moving in.  I'm constantly reminded how spoiled we are in the USA, such as when I asked my architect, "Are you sure one electrical outlet in each room is enough?"  His response, "What are they going to plug in?" was just such a reminder.

Dsc02020 The kitchens turned out really well.  They'll have two gas stove top burners, a bigDsc01958 sink, and sterile concrete counters on which to prepare their meals.  They won't be on the cover of Martha Stewart's magazine anytime soon but with a design optimizing for cleanliness to combat disease we're very proud.  The approach of using concrete for *everything* is new to me however I see the value and reason for it.  That said I'll be happy if I ultimately go to my grave without ever seeing another bag of cement or wheelbarrow full of concrete!

Click here to see more pics of all the progress over the past 2 weeks


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