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If you're reading this blog you probably know the story of my project in Colombia ad infinitum, however I thought you might enjoy listening to this podcast produced by Peter Shaplan on behalf of Cisco who is doing stories on how technology is changing the world.  The real stars are my friends Renee and Akbar who are interviewed, as is the CEO of, Matt Flannery. You don't need an iPod, just click here and it will stream to your computer.


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Hi Dave: Love the podcast. This also sounds so easy to do. What advice would you give in terms of getting the word out? How did you let people know about your efforts? -Amy

You've obviously met your goal, which is very inspiring. I'm curious to know if you will be doing this again any time soon? What would you do differently, if you could?

Hi Jen and Amy,

Yes, the technology side of this project was much easier than I ever expected. Using affordable and readily available pure drag & drop technology (ie you don't have to be an engineer) I was able to build the weblog and manage the HTML email campaigns all by myself, spending less than $150 for the 6 months of the project. If you can use Microsoft Word then you can build a blog like mine. The viral marketing effects of the web/blog provided me with thousands of supporters/donors. I don't think what I did was all *that* unusual or difficult, which is the reason I recommend to everyone with interest in a project like this to follow their heart and do it!

I'm already exploring my next project: building a positively functioning orphanage in Latin America with teachers, nurses, and an office to facilitate adoptions in/outside the country. Stay tuned!

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