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Your Donation Keeps Giving!

Naomi I'm excited to tell you that all your support for my Colombia project continues to give in many ways, and not just in Colombia.  Your generous support has compelled others, with similar heart and drive, to change lives.  My friend Naomi Gary is one of those rare people.  Please click here to see Naomi's website which details her project in Bolivia to build 15 houses and take 100 people off the streets.

My project in Colombia is complete; the families have moved in and the neighborhood is a thriving community - all thanks to you.  So please join me in helping Naomi do the same in Bolivia!  I'm very proud of her for taking unpaid months off from her job to make the world a better place, and we'll both be forever thankful if you can help her reach her goal.



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Thanks Dave! You served as a great source of inspiration (to myself and so many others)!

My name is Sebastian Hernandez and I am currently in the United States Navy. I was born and raised in Colombia and know how hard it is to simply be able to dress and hygene. I want to help by sending clothes and toys to kids by getting Navy personnel involved. I dont know exactly where to start or even how. If you have any Ideas I would be greatly appreciative.

Thank You,

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