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Ultimately we'll build homes in this whole area
Making progress!
Making progress!
The next set of houses
Tey gave the gringo the ceremonial first swing
This ground is really hard!
Testing the ground with the pile driver
They all put their shoes back on when we take a break.  Wouldn't want to spill water on their feet.
The team
The retaining wall
Sorry Red Sox fans, but Yankee hats are the team of choice here...
The great thing about designing homes in the tropics is that people love the cold concrete floors
The first 3 homes
We pay locals in the barrio to make these cinderblocks and deliver them by horse-cart
His wall is so much straighter than mine
These homeowners will have a nice view over their old barrio
I love the San Francisco hat!
They brought this guy in to relieve me of my rebar-bending duties
Who says there's no love on a construction worksite?
Take my foto!  Take my foto!
There's nothing like a cartload of cinderblock to make your day!
Working on the living room wall
Watching them dig the foundation for their new house
Little girls from the barrio
Cows and children: standard worksite hazzards in Sincelejo
Grandpa and his grand-daughter: future homeowners
These guys are tough
These future homeowners love to run around pulling out all our lot-markers
What happens when the concrete dries between your toes?
Who needs a vice when you hav an old tree trunk lying around?
She is my favorite
At the daycare center the UN built
This guy really wanted his picture taken
Guess which one is the gringo...
I love this pic because it reminds me of the old couch on the front lawn of our house in university!
The open area at the top is where we're building now
Local boy
School uniforms
Colombian mah-jong
You get a lot more random balls falling into pockets when there's no felt on the table
You can't tell the wall is buckling from this angle
This wall only LOOKS as though it's about to buckle
I'm dying for some pancakes...
Homemade hack-saw!
In one afternoon we cleared/leveled a field for 20 more houses
What a scary pic this is!
Just wait till summer arrives!
My mother would kill me if she caught me swinging a pick-axe in bare feet like this...