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The Kitchen (not that I would know what to do in a kitchen)
View from the master bedroom
Isabel, a future homeowner, watching the installation of a new roof
I don't know who this guy is but he likes to walk around with a machete all the time
Oh what I would give to have the water hooked up to this shower...
Two of the town elders surveying our handiwork
Nice view!
Someone tell Dodge their trucks are still running strong down here
Great view!
Umberto the architect checking the final product
A local Atlanta Braves fan digs to find the sewer main
Digging the sewer pipe ditch
Laying sewer pipe
My daily $0.40 moto-taxi ride home
Nice form
Runaway cement mixer!
Where's that horse when you need him?
One-handed showoff!
Unloading 50 lb bags of cement: I look so uncoordinated compared to the locals
The day wouldn't be complete without a horsecart delivery
We solved the water-shortage problem by digging this pit to store water for mixing concrete, etc.
This is how you start a Colombian cement mixer
Yet another load...
Yet another load...
What a frenzy of activity...
Let's see Tide get that shirt clean!
Hundreds of wheelbarrows of concrete...
The endless procession of material to make concrete
It took truckloads of concrete to lay all these foundations
The neighborhood is taking shape
The front door and living room
The bathroom, lacking only a newspaper
Taking a break from the heat in the master bedroom